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Ruff Ryders Ride or Die: $0
Last Stand of the Moores: $0

As a fellow Ruff Ryder, it is refreshing that Tariq hasn't lost his roots. He asked my chapter to be in his upcoming movie, Ruff Ryders Ride or Die...that's what I am talking 'bout!

~ Rob White

Never knew what motorcycle chapters were about, now I see, it's a brotherhood and sisterhood. I can respect that

~ Blake Thomas

I'm excited to have a role in the production of the upcoming Ruff Ryders movie. I've always been a fan of their record label, it'll be awesome to watch Ruff Ryders come alive on the big screen!

~ Julio Sandoval

Ruff Ryders Ride or Die is going to be epic! I have the pleasure of working alongside Ruff Ryders legends, and industry professionals like world renowned casting director Mike Fenton!

~ Charli Clemons

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Are you a makeup artists trying to get their foot in the entertainment industry? Do you have talent, but you are looking for the experience? Join tswmall’s PLACE for a once in a lifetime opportunity.


tswmall is holding an open casting call for the best of the best makeup artists. We are in pre-production of the upcoming film Ruff Ryders Ride or Die and we are scouting talented artist that know the art of beat, fleek, and repeat!


Artists must have knowledge in various professional makeup products. They must also be able to meet production requirements; the ability to work with facial hair, false pieces, and prosthetics are desired...

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Ruff Ryders Very Own Drag On

Drag-On is back at it, and naturally he kills it. For those who don’t know ‘da great’ allow me to reintroduce you to the New York native. Rapper, Drag-On is a member of the hottest crew known to hip hop, Ruff RydersDarrin “Dee” Dean and Joaquin “Waah” Dean lead the Ruff Ryders klan. Drag-On ruled the charts with hits like: The Lox’s We are the Streets. Eve’s Let There Be Eve, and DMX’s It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot.

When he dropped Down Bottom off the Ruff RydersRyde or Die compilation making  his name and talent known; followed by his next LP, Hell and Back! After that release, Drag cut a deal with Ruff Ryder Swiss Beatz’s Full Surface Records, which fizzled out.

The ‘streets’ were in a drought for 8 years, awaiting the r...

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Start Your Entertainment Career

Tariq Alexander, CEO of tswmall,  is the President of Ruff Ryders Films and is currently in pre-production of the upcoming movie Ruff Ryders Ride or Die.

Alexander has the softest spot for aspiring entertainers and has casted over 50 fresh talented artists in his last blockbusters films The System Within and The Stick Up Kids. Starting from very humble beginnings, Alexander understands that obtaining an entertainment career isn’t the easiest task, with only about 1% of the aspiring actually fulfilling the dream. He makes a conscious effort to leave the door open for those who are driven to succeed.

He is not only looking for talent in front of the camera, but behind the camera as well...

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Tariq Alexander Gears Up for Ruff Ryders Ride or Die

Amped and pumped, Tariq Alexander, CEO of The System Within (TSW) and President of Ruff Ryders Films follows a very precise workout regime in order to stay motivated for his upcoming feature role in the movie Ruff Ryders Ride or Die. Tariq has a daily workout agenda. This consist of cardio, weights, and low carbs. His health conscious lifestyle keeps him focused on his acting, and of course, writing. If working out is on Tariq’s hectic schedule, he can’t leave home without his Beats by Dr. Dre.

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Virtual Hollywood 3D Callbacks

Tariq Alexander, CEO of The System Within (TSW) and President of Ruff Ryders Films has two upcoming movies Ruff Ryders Ride or Die and The Last Stand of the Moors. He is hosting a global open casting call. How can you have a global casting call? At tswmall.com, of course!

Alexander wasn’t kidding around when he said he intended on merging gaming with entertainment. He along with actor/director Hawthorne James and casting director Mike Fenton are reviewing all reels, portfolios, and audition videos submit on tswmall.com. They are looking for talent in front and behind the camera. The callbacks will be held in 3D. Let that sink in. The entertainment world didn’t just open up, it got fun! So there is no need to worry yourself with expenses for travel or getting time off from work. You have the luxury to do your call back or interview in the comfort of your home – in 3D! The dynamic trio is even holding their table reads in the virtual mall.

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John Paul DeJoria meets with Tariq Alexander

John Paul DeJoria is the brains behind The Patrón Spirits Company; his Patrón Social Club threw its 32nd annual Miami International Film Festival (MIFF) on March 6th and its mission to connect audience with cultural understanding, and instill artistic evolution and excellence through film. MIFF brings the best cinema to Miami giving it a platform to house talent in front of and behind the camera. The MIFF is recognized for its high quality of programming and presentations from critics, filmmakers, and the industry.

John Paul makes an effort to only mingle with the best of the best when it comes to the industry, so it only makes sense that he would pair up with Tariq Alexander. It would be natural to find him on tswmall’s Place, as well as find his product placement in the 3D virtual mall...

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Foot to Chest – TSW Says Demo CD’s are Obsolete

Oh no! Hurry! Foot to chest, foot to chest! Hurry! Of course, my keys are being stupid…quick open the door…

“Hello, ma’am. I am an artist and I wanted to know if you would like to support an independent artist by buying my demo.”

What You Say:

I’m sorry I don’t have any money on me, but good luck in your endeavors!

What You Should of Said:

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“Legendary Casting Director Mike Fenton discusses the world of Theatrical Casting, and talks about his experiences casting some of the most famous movies in history.”


The System Within (TSW) has one question: why not learn how to effectively cast your movies from a casting director? This seven part series video dives into the stories and secrets behind casting from theatrical to film from world renown casting director Mike Fenton.

When Mike Fenton’s name comes up, immediately you think of E.T. or Back to the Future. Fenton is responsible for over half of all movies in Hollywood -over 250 productions- and has over 35 years of experience in the industry.

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Interview – Hawthorne James partners up with Tariq Alexander

Hawthorne James. Esteemed actor and director and phenomenal colleague of Tariq Alexander. A man that when he walks down the streets of New York City you can hear people scream with delight, “It’s him, it’s him!” Are they talking about the bus driver in Speed, Big Red or The Stick Up Kids? People all over the world, of all ages know Hawthorne James. Do you?

This Chi town native has graced such films as The Color Purple, Othello, and Se7en, but Big Red…I mean, Hawthorne James is most famous for his role in The Five Heartbeats. Well, lucky, lucky me, I  was honored with an exclusive interview with THE Hawthorne James!!

DCH: I’m going to get this out of the way, are you married?
Hawthorne James: 
(Hearty laugh) No I am not. I take that back, I am married to the arts!

DCH: What about kids?
No, no kids.

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Tariq Alexander, CEO of TSW

Does everything Tariq Alexander, CEO of TSW {The System Within},  touches turn to gold? This was the question I asked myself after an exclusive sit down interview I recently had with him. I was honored because he does an excellent job of staying under the radar. This New York native was in our backyard, in the heart of Atlanta.

This well known bachelor is actually married to a few upcoming projects. His baby, tswmall, is a 3D virtual world that combines Entertainment, Gaming, and e Commerce. You create an avatar that has your features and characteristics. You can explore the mall and all its amenities; like shopping in the virtual stores, or the amphitheater where you and your friends can watch your favorite artist LIVE or attend concerts followed by a Q&A session hosted by the featured artist. But what really puts tswmall above the rest is the fact that it gives the  artists and entertainers as members the ability to push themselves creatively on a revolutionary level. A musician can put on a LIVE performance and make money. Music engineers can sell their beats. Actors can invite all the big time casting directors to look at their own audition tape. Painters can sell their artwork. The entertainment industry is changing and Tariq Alexander wants to give entertainers a virtual platform and the power to change their world. The interesting part is that it’s absolutely free to join which is causing quite a buzz.

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